Frequently Asked Questions About Our Small Groups

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Yes and No. Most of our Small Groups are open to everyone, except LIFE Groups and LEAD Groups. For those types of Small Groups, you need to be a member of RLCC.

First, know about the types of Small Groups and what they study. Then, search out the different Small Groups which are open for joining. Once you know which one to join, click Join a Small Group. If you have been a Member of a Small Group, click the Optional tab for previous Members.

No. Of course not! Joining our Small Groups is free for those who want to be part of our journey of faith. Our desire is to help you experience real life in Christ together with others.

Except for our Share Groups and some Study Groups, most of our Small Groups last only from five to six months. We recommend that you finish the term by faith. If you really want to transfer, you can do so at the end of the semester. Of course, if you really want to leave, we cannot stop you.

That is entirely up to you. But be aware of the time commitment. We don't want anyone to be over-extended or to burn out because of too much involvement. Although it's possible, it's ideal to join only one Small Group.

It depends. It ranges from 5 to 10 people. A Small Group that has less than 5 people would be very weak. But a Small Group with more than 10 people may be too large. It may need to multiply in the next term. Or else, it will not be very effective.

Of course. But if your Small Group is too big, it would be preferable to start with a new group, perhaps with some members of your old Small Group plus new members also.

If you cannot attend regularly, it would be best to just join a Share Group. All other groups meet a minimum of twice a month.

The reason why we have different types of Small Groups is so that each person can decide what kind of Small Group they wish to join. Each Small Group has its own expectations. If you cannot meet those expectations willingly, you don't have to join that kind of Small Group.

For as long as they are allowed to do so by their pastor or leader and if they are willing to abide by our expectations. We don't want to be accused of "sheep stealing". At the same time, we believe in certain things that other churches may not agree with. Frankly, it all depends on the person and his/her church leadership.

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