General Description

A Core Team is a group of 2 to 5 spiritual leaders who shepherds a Small Group in order to fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.

A spiritual leader is someone who is characterized by the following habits:

  • Practices personal soul care
  • Pursues life-giving relationships
  • Proclaims the Gospel through words and deeds
  • Produces good fruit that endures
  • Provides spiritual companionship to others

A Small Group is any of the following:

  • Share Group
  • Study Group
  • HEALTH Group
  • HELP Group
  • Task Group
  • LIFE Group
  • LEAD Group

The Great Commandment is found in Mark 12:28-34 and the Great Commission is found in Matthew 28:19-20. The Great Commandment is the relational aspect while the Great Commission is the task aspect of the overall ministry of Core Teams. Both are important goals.

Pre-Requisites for all Core Teams

  1. Must be a born-again Christian (i.e., has completed the Real Life Bible Study) who displays most if not all of the Seven Rubrics expected from RLCC members.
  2. Must be committed to the Vision Frame of RLCC.
  3. Must regularly fulfill the PROMISE as an example to others.
  4. Must be in the process of completing or has completed the Basic Equipping Courses of RLCC.
  5. Must be in the process of completing or have completed our Spiritual Formation Courses.
  6. Must have an email and knows how to use it regularly for communication purposes.
  7. Must have the Church Center app and the Get Real app installed on their phones for Notification purposes.

How to SHEPHERD a Small Group

  1. See Jesus' vision for the group.
  2. Hold sacred rhythms for the group.
  3. Encourage members to be equipped.
  4. Pray with and for the members.
  5. Harmonize relationships.
  6. Empower potential leaders.
  7. Reach out to others.
  8. Designate new leaders for multiplication

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See Jesus' vision for the group

Jesus wants us to make disciples (Matt 28:19-20) who know how to love God, each other, and those who are still outside His flock (Mark 12:28-34). He also wants us to train spiritual leaders who will also repeat this process (2 Tim 2:2).

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Hold sacred rhythms for the group

According to Acts 2:42, there are four group sacred rhythms that we must hold regularly: 1) teaching, 2) fellowship, 3) breaking of bread, and 4) prayer. Teaching is learning God's word together. Fellowship is building our relationships with one another. Breaking of bread is worshiping the Lord together. Prayer is communicating with God together. The goal is to create a place of grace for spiritual growth and maturity.

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Encourage members to be equipped

Your members need to know the Lord and grow in their faith (Eph 4:14-16). This requires seven steps: 1) Attraction, 2) Conversion, 3) Assimilation, 4) Spiritual Transformation, 5) Ministry Deployment, 6) Leadership Development, and 7) Mission

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Pray with and for the members

The foundation of your group is the spiritual discipline of prayer. Without it, you cannot succeed. That's why you always need time to pray together. Also, you need to pray for each member by name on a regular basis. Last but not the least, you need to meet with each member individually to know about their prayer lives at the moment.

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Harmonize relationships

As you grow in your relationship with God and with each other, there will be conflicts and misunderstandings. You need to know how to practice the PEACE process and the RESTORE process to harmonize relationships.

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Empower potential leaders

It is God's will for us to look for reliable people with whom we can entrust the work of ministry (2 Tim 2:2). This involves three steps; 1) SPOT potential leaders, 2) TRAIN emerging leaders, and 3) SEND established leaders.

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Reach out to others

A Small Group must not be inward-looking for long. You must always reach out to others. There are three steps to accomplish this: 1) GO, 2) BRING, and 3) JOIN.

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Designate new leaders for multiplication

At the end of each semester, you should be ready to recommend new spiritual leaders who can shepherd either the old Small Group or a new Small Group for multiplication. New leaders must be approved by your Supervisor before they can serve in the new semester.

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