Welcome to Real Life Journey

You are about to embark on a spiritual journey that can enable you to discern your purpose in life. First of all, you are called to represent God in the world (Genesis 1:27). This is true for every Christian. As a representative of God, you need to discern whether you are being called to do so as a single person or as a married person. This will be your situation in life. Then, you need to discern "where" you are being called by God to represent Him. This journey may lead you to devote your life to ministry in the church (whether local or parachurch), to missions (local or abroad), or to the marketplace. Once you determine that, you can now embark on your "career" (specific jobs or workplaces) depending on your situation in life and the opportunities that you will encounter. When you embark on this journey, make sure that you are genuinely open to God, willing to obey Him no matter what, and courageous to pursue God's will for your life. But, more importantly, you need the help of a Spiritual Companion or Director in this journey. Please schedule an appointment with him or her before you begin this journey. Click the chat icon below for more information. Each stage has four parts. First, know the grace that you seek from the Lord. Second, understand what you need to do to experience this grace. Of course, this depends on the Lord, not on you. But you need to be open to Him and wait on Him each day through prayer and the word of God. Third, go through the suggested Scripture passages. We recommend taking a whole week of focused prayer. If this is not possible, you may extend it beyond a week. Last but not least, take note of other resources that might be of help to you. Make sure that you discuss this first with your Spiritual Companion or Director before using them.

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